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As our roots are lying in Aswan, the pearl of the south, we have a special connection to this area.

The bustling town of Aswan is very exotic with its busy souk, beautiful islands in the Nile, the Cataract, Philae with the temple complex of Isis on an island between the dams and in the background always the vicinity of the a vast sand desert.
The Nubian population gives a distinct African touch to the area. They have their own language and culture and are extremely friendly and welcoming to visitors.
The climate is extremely hot and dry in the summer months, but in winter very agreeable and the sun shines every day. A local Nubian villa is available for rent for those who want to enjoy some time there.
South of Aswan you find Lake Nasser which connects many Nubian temples like in the Wadi Seboua and Amada with the famous temples of Abu Simbel. The easiest way to reach those places is by cruise on the lake or with a simpler fishing yacht. From Aswan you could even take the ferry to Wadi Halfa in the Sudan and further south, where you will find some of the most wonderful monuments like Kerma and the pyramids in Nuri and Meroe.
For most people Aswan is home to the cruises going downstream to Luxor. But an alternative way is doing part of the route by motorboat and bike or by felucca, the famous traditional sailing boat. There are also the Dahabiyya’s which are traditional sailing boats with some cabins. During the trip the Nubian crew is taking care of you and will prepare your meals. It is a lovely way to get to know the people and enjoy the river.

OPTIONS : Exquisite cruise on Lake Nasser by MS KASR IBRIM or EUGENIE, WALK/ SAIL TRIP by fisher yacht on Lake Nasser for crocodile spotting, FELUCCA trip on the Nile downstream to Komombo or Edfu, DAHABIYYA sailing the Nile, BIKING trip from Aswan to Luxor, spend your WINTER in Aswan, rent a VILLA in one of the Nubian villages, SUDAN trip from Khartoum along the Nile to Wadi Halfa and Aswan, DAHABIYYA trips between Aswan and Luxor.


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