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Boek Corine van Delsen


'The Play of the hands'

Eternal triangle is a story with autobiographic accents. It tells about a Dutch woman, who travels to Egypt in 1992, together with her husband. She meets all kinds of people, which she seems to know actually for al long time. There are many extraordinary things happening, strange coincidences, and the emotions are violent and vary strongly. Egypt changes one forever, she learns here.
This book contains a description of these events in Egypt and their consequences on her life. Then some years of intense experiences follow, which have to be digested and that needs a lot of time.
Then the day comes, that she goes to Egypt again, which once more is a journey, which makes a deep impression. After this trip she gives an account of the developments in the form of telephone calls and e-mails to her friend Serafine and later they have a new trip to Egypt together, the country that fascinates both of them already for years. During this visit several wise men come to speak. Afterwards the correspondence between the two friends is continued and many items are discussed like grief and sadness, anger, destructiveness and suicidality, consequences of having children, jealousy, suspicion and betrayal, and that, which had to be discussed and had to be healed yet, comes up intensly. Life itself gives all kinds of leverage opportunities ,because by everyday events or statements always something can stay hooked in your system, by which old emotions can be triggered and come out of secret places, where they were waiting for enlightenment, to manifest and therefore be healed. Disagreements are not evaded in the e-mailcorrespondence.

Corine van Delsen studied medicin at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands and specialized as a psychiatrist. She worked as such a long time in several psychiatric hospitals, followed a long education as a psychotherapist as well and worked later on as a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist in a free-established practice in the River district in Holland. For a long time she is interested in spirituality, memories of past lives, dreaming and dream interpretation, and development of intuitive abilities. Now she is focussing on writing, painting and sculpturing and she organizes spiritual journeys to Egypt for interested people.


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