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SPECIAL TOURS ( 275 euro p.p )

Summer in Egypt MAY TILL 30 SEPTEMBER

1 Arrival at Cairo airport , transfer to the hotel / Santana hotel BB
2 Visit the Pyramids and sphinx of Giza / Santana hotel BB
3 Transfer to the station , By first class daytrain to Aswan , enjoy the scenery along The Nile and From town to town . Transfer to the hotel / Sara hotel BB
4 Free in Aswan ( several options are possible like going to Abu Simbel OR do the Westbank with lunch , Philae , etc. ) / Santana hotel BB
5 Start of the Felucca tour , enjoy the quite trip on and traditional sailing boat with Nubian crew , all meals included / overnight on the boat .
6 felucca tour , visit Komombo temple .
7 Transfer from Komombo to EDFU , visit the temple there and continue to Luxor / Morris hotel BB
8 Visit Luxor and Karnak Temple by bike / Morris hotel BB
9 Transfer to the station , By first class daytrain back to Cairo , transfer to the hotel / Santana hotel BB
10 Transfer to the airport for departure .


EGYPT A dream coming true.

We - Sycamore Travel Egypt - made some special arrangements for tours connecting to the festival. Before the festival we organize a seven days tour to the oasis of Siwa, a beautiful spot tucked away far into the Sahara on centuries old caravan routes. The inhabitants have their own culture and language with a lot of Berber influences. In the Pharaonic times there was even an oracle, you can still see the ruins of that now.

Price p.p. is 578 euro including all transportation, hotels, meals, guide and excursions.

After the festival we have two other attractive arrangements on offer for you.

There is a wonderful tour to the Red Sea coast at Marsa Alam. The coast is world famous for its tropical fish and corals. We also arrange a day trip by boat to the dolphin reserve of Samaday, where you can meet these magical creatures in their natural surroundings. Another day trip takes us into the desert by jeep to the Wadi Gemal National Park.

Price p.p. is 748 euro, that is including your flight from Cairo to Hurghada and back, transfers, excursions and six nights in the ecolodge directly on the beach and all meals except one lunch on your day off.

Another option is a six days tour through the oases of the Western Desert with as a highlight a visit to the magical White Desert. The tour will end in the town of Luxor from where you fly back to Cairo.

Price p.p. is 517 euro including all transportation, also your flight, hotels, all meals, guide and excursions.
More information on these arrangements you will find on Facebook at Sycamore Travel. You can also contact us for other arrangements tailored to your wishes. For instance if you want to visit the chakra-temples or you want to relax in a Nubian villa in the exotic town of Aswan, it is all possible.

NUBIA 15 days to discover the Egyptian and Sudanese part of Nubia The land of the Black Pharaohs.

Day 01 Arrival in Khartoum , transfer to the hotel .

Day 02 In the morning visit to the National Museum where you find archeological finding from the whole country . In the early evening visit to the souk of Umdurman .

Day 03 You travel by 4X4 along the nile to Shendi , on the way visiting the sixth cataract of the Nile called Sabaloka . You continue till close to Meroe . Overnight in the desert at Begrawiyya.

Day 04 In the morning you visit the pyramids of Meroe and after the Royal City with the remains of palaces and temples . After you continue till Atbara , where you have lunch . At Kadabaas you cross the Nile with the local ferryboat . Then you follow the track to the west right through the desert . Overnight in the desert.

Day 05 Continue on the track till Tangasi and Marawi , where you will join the Nile again . Close by you visit the pyramids of Nuri . Then you cross the Nile by ferryboat and visit the town of Karima . Overnight in the desert .

Day 06 Visit to Gebel Barkal , the holy mountain with remains of temples and pyramids . In top of the mountain you have a beautiful view over the area . Over a sandy track following the bend in the Nile you go through villages . The area of Old Dongola has beautiful sand dunes . Overnight at a Sundanese family house.

Day 07 After leaving our friends we continue to the interesting site of Old Dongola . Afterwards you cross the Nile again and go on till the new city of Dongola . Overnight in a hotel in town .

Day 08 Again you cross the Nile in order to reach Kerma . You visit the ruins of the town and temple . After picnic lunch close by the Nile . Later you visit the rapids of the third cataract of the Nile . Overnight in the village of Kadamisa .

Day 09 You go to Delgo and cross the Nile in order to see the temples of Sesibi and Soleb . Then crossing to the island of Sai , a big island in the Nile where you stay with a Sudanese family .

Day 10 Visiting the island where for hundred thousand years there are people living already and where you could find interesting sites . Afterwards you cross the Nile to continue your trip to the north to Abri and Wadi Halfa . Overnight in a hotel .

Day 11 By ferryboat over Lake Nasser to Aswan on the Egyptian side of the lake .

Day 12 After finishing customs you have a transfer to a hotel in Aswan . Visit a Nubian village and lunch/dinner at a family house .

Day 13 Free in Aswan . In the early evening by sleeper train to cairo .

Day 14 Arrival in Cairo , transfer to the hotel . Rest of the day is free in Cairo .

Day 15 Transfer to the airport for departure .

But there were also times that Nubian kings dominated over the whole of Egypt , like the 25 the dynasty , the kingdom of Kush . They reigned first from Napata , ( Gebel Barkal ) and later moved to Memphis close to Cairo .
So both cultures have fought each other but also interacted and influenced each other for many centuries.


The Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world and is running from the lakes of central Africa to the Mediterranean sea . At Khartoum the Blue Nile which comes from the Ethiopian Highlands and the White Nile coming from the South join . This point where the different colored currents join is named the Mugrin Between Khartoum and Aswan you Find six cataracts . These are areas with a very rocky bed in the Nile mainly granite where the current presses the water through a small corridor . This causes rapids and small waterfalls.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago man already settled in the Nile valley . On the island of Sai remains were found of Homo Sapiens of one hundred thousand years old . They were mainly fishing and hunting, but already in an early stage agriculture developed . The yearly flooding of the Nile , made the soil extremely fertile.

Also for transportation of goods and people the river was very important , so the people on the Nile knew each other and exchanged also their cultures .

So it can not wonder anybody that so highly developed cultures came into existence in this area .Until today the river plays an essential role in the lives of the Nile dwellers . The agriculture depends completely on irrigation from the Nile , since in Nubia there is almost never rain . All the surrounding lands are desert .

The river also provides drinking water for people and animals .


- During the tour from Khartoum to Wadi Halfa , a guide and cook , all transportation by 4X4 , all mentioned visits entrance fees , all meals , all crossings by ferryboat. Most of the times you will sleep in the desert in 2 person tents , also mattresses are available you only take your sleeping bag . Also in the family houses we will use the mattresses and the sleeping bags, we will sleep there in a room or in a private courtyard of the house.

- Transfers from and to the airport.

- In Khartoum , Aswan and Cairo hotels on basis BB

-Visit to a Nubian village and lunch/dinner in Aswan .

- Ferryboat Wadi Halfa Aswan and sleeper train Aswan Cairo .

-The ferryboat is a boat connection over Lake Nasser mainly used by local Sudanis and Egyptians , there are cabins available for two persons but accommodation is very simple and mostly the boat is very crowed . Meals in the restaurant of the boat are included.

- The sleeper train from Aswan to Cairo is accommodated with cabins for 2 persons , in the early evening there are seats but after dinner the steward will build up the beds with sheets and - blankets . There is even a small wash bin with towel to refresh yourself . Toilets are available in every car . Breakfast is also served in the early morning .

Prices P.P. in euro :-

5-8 Pax 1490

9-12 Pax . 1390


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