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Everybody knows about the beautiful sites Egypt has to offer to visitors. Our Pharaonic, Islamic and Coptic treasures are world famous. But what makes your trip really to a special one is meeting with the local people. As Egyptians tend to be friendly and curious of character and always in for a laugh, they are easy to approach. Especially when you get away from the busy tourist quarters, where it is mostly about business, you will get a chance to see the ordinary people and have experiences you will not easily forget. Learn a few Arabic words and it will be appreciated enormously and open many doors to you. Our city trips to Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan and Luxor give you the opportunity to see beyond the tourist sites. You have time to experience the daily life, by visiting the market or a cultural event. Or visit a Nubian family and have lunch at their house, have a talk with some students who are eager to practice their languages in the great library of Alexandria, have a cup of tea on the terrace of a traditional coffeehouse in the souk of Luxor, talk to the farmer on the field surrounding Thebes while you are walking there, share a night at the campfire with our Bedouins or be mesmerized by the camel men and their animals on the camel market of Daraw. Our agency is trying to establish these meetings between you and Egyptians by offering tours a bit of the beaten track assisted by experienced and selected guides. Also our representatives all over the country have interesting tours on offer and information to share to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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