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The central artery of the country is the Nile. The river provides the land with sweet water for drinking and irrigation. On the banks of the river you find most of the towns and villages, but also the green fields for agriculture. In the time of the pharaohs this artery of life was the centre of culture, where they built their temples. The Nile delta is the fertile triangle, where the branches of the Nile meet the Mediterranean.

For the rest the country is mostly desert, with here and there an oasis. The Western Desert is the region between the Nile and Libya, which is a very dry area with almost no vegetation. What you do find is several oases in an enormous depression, where agriculture is taking place. You also find palm forests and salt lakes, small towns and villages, where it seems as if time has been standing still. Furthermore you can take a bath in one of the warm water or bubble springs. Most famous became the area called the White Desert with variations of rocks, fossils and huge rock formations of chalk.

The Sinai is another interesting area. In the southern part you find the highest mountains with tops between 2000 en 3000m, the so called High Mountains. There are natural springs, beautiful gardens with fruit and nut trees, next to breathtaking views from the tops. The southern Sinai has a lot of variation with wadis, mountains, rock parties, sand dunes and adventurous canyons. Erosion by sand and wind, temperature swings between day and night and occasionally water left beautiful patterns in the rocks. The colors are amazing.

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